KITH Treats (Cereal Bar) review

I recently went on a day trip back to New York City, and my friend was determined to make the most of my limited time there. For breakfast she wanted to take another friend and me to a new place she had heard of but never been to–KITH Treats. When she first mentioned going to a “cereal bar” I was really confused, but after looking it up and seeing the colorful cereal and aesthetically pleasing clean white tiles covering the floor and walls, I was in. She described it with the little knowledge she had of it, telling me they serve cereal in shoe boxes and that they come in little packets that you mix together. It was all a bit strange, but I was excited to try it out.

My friend was over on the other side of the front of the store, ordering, and my other friend and I were sitting on the benches eating.


KITH Treats is located in the entrance of the KITH Brooklyn flagship store ( that sells cereal, ice cream, and the usual hot and iced coffee and tea. They offer predecided boxes (“specials”) and the option to choose your own meal, checking off small boxes with your choices on a little sheet of paper. This was an interesting way of ordering, but it seemed fitting and made the process quick and simple. The first choice was 2 cereals for $6 or 3 cereals for $7, then which cereals you would like, what type of milk you prefer, and lastly what toppings you want for 75 cents each. The food comes in a shoebox with a plastic lining on the inside with two depressions on either side. The cereal came in small “space food” like packets, the toppings were in tiny little plastic containers, and there was a spoon-straw combination tucked into the side. Lastly, a glass bottle of your chosen milk on the side.

The meal came in shoe boxes, with milk bottles on the side.

On the subway ride there, she explains that the man who made it is a rich fashion designer and that KITH is actually a store that sells expensive shoes and apparel. Designer brands such as adidas Originals x Yeezy’s, Air Jordans, Alexander Wang, and then more everyday brands such as Converse, Merrell, and Toms are all available. Looking through the items offered, one thing was consistent – nothing cost less than $120 except for mouse pads, hats, notepads, and such under the KITH brand, although those hats still cost up to $85 and tiny notepads that couldn’t be bigger than 3 inches cost $6.

IMG_5628My order was Lucky Charms, Cocoa Krispies, and whole milk, with mini M&M’s and Twix pieces on top. It was strange for me to think of putting candy on top of cereal, but it was so so so good. It was an extreme sugar load for the morning, but the combination was actually very good. I ordered a tea as well, and was surprised when he didn’t ask what type. I then assumed it would be black tea, but was actually green–my least favorite. I drank it slowly and politely as to not be wasteful but didn’t appreciate that lack of communication.

All in all, the service was good, the food was good, and the environment felt clean and new. Some things I didn’t like were the fact that it was so small, that the “bar” counter/table had no chairs so we had to sit on the benches across from it with the box in our laps, and of course the price of it all (but that was expected considering that the store itself was so high-end). A cereal bar is a strange idea, and something that could only be pulled off in New York City, but it was an interesting and fun experience nonetheless.


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